Welcome to Nisin Thuhiltu!
by Vicky Suantak, Editor


In our journey of journalism, it is through God's guidance that we are now able to launch the website of our own vernacular daily newspaper which is the "Nisin Thuhiltu."


Journalism has been considered as the watchdog of the society or the fourth estate of the pillars of democracy. It serves the important values of impartiality and responsibility, as well as independence of commercial and political interests. Keeping track of issues and events to outsource and make known to the public are its focus and obligation.

Through this platform, we are specifically thankful to people who have taken the painstaking efforts of aiding through financial and logistical support in making the dream of the Vaiphei's vernacular daily newspaper into reality. Through this website, our readers can now easily access this news, even to areas where this newspaper cannot be delivered.

Therefore, we humbly invite our readers and followers to visit our website regularly.

Thanking you for visiting our website...


Hilltown, Churachandpur, Manipur, India


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