Origin: The NISINTHUHILTU.COM website is one platform for all the Vaipheis/Khawvaiphei around the world to make one voice and take a stand as fraternal brethrens for the preservation, promotion and show casing of the rich history, culture and identity of the Vaipheis’.

With the felt need of revivify and reviving the great history of VAIPHEI embracing the Information technology a powerful tool for bridging the distance amongst the VAIPHEIS’ community, few dedicated and patriotic people take the initiative of creating this forum.


Mission: To inform, educate, aware and inspire the Vaipheis around the globe in building a resilient, united and progressive community.


Vision: Vision of the Forum are conglomerated in five main points.

  1. To safeguard, uphold, protect and promote the unique cultural heritages of the Vaipheis’ around the globe.
  2. To promote peaceful co-existence, mutual understanding with nature and Gods creation.
  3. To educate and preserve the unique identity of the Vaipheis.
  4. To unite and represent the issues of the VAIPHEIS.
  5. To celebrate and cherish the precious gift of God- LIFE as one.


Vicky Suantak


Cir Manager
Symond Vaiphei

Content Manager
Kenedy Vaiphei

Asst Cir Manager
Kamzamuang Vaiphei

Joint Editor
GK Suantak

Sports Editor

Content Manager

Content Manager
Mang Khaute

James Suantak

Sports Editor
Th Hauboi

Asst Cir Manager

Legal Consultant


1. SK Hansing, Assam

2. Th Khamneithang Vaiphei, Hilltown

3. S. Thongkhanlian, Hilltown

4. Kh Benlian Vaiphei, Hilltown

5. Dr Joseph Suantak, Hilltown

6. Kamlalmuan Khaute, Hilltown



1. Chairman - Kaplianlal Thangluai

2. V/Chairman - LC Neihsial

3. Secretary - Khamlal

4. Asst Secretary - Lamzolian


1. Dr Thathang Vaiphei

2. Dr Lamkhogen Vaiphei

3. D. Khuala Vaiphei

4. Kapthiango (aka VLK)