Lifestyle of a Zo Gentleman

1. Accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior - A Zo gentleman will allow truth to define him and his life. He will have the courage and humility to accept the truth. He will have the wisdom and boldness to align him with reality. Therefore, he will accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior for He is the Truth! A gentleman can be a gentleman only if he accepts the truth; is a true child of God; lives his life under the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the Word of God. Apart from that there can be no true gentlemanship or gentlemanliness or gentlemanhood.

2. Living Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ - No one is his lord but only Jesus Christ, the Nazareth Tangval [the Nazareth Gentleman], the only true Lord. A true gentleman will not fall under complete allegiance to any kingdoms or rulers or groups-organizations, presidents or C-in-C, except the Savior and Shepherd of his soul. He will daily live his socio-cultural, eco-career, geo-political, philosophical, spiritual, mundane life and aspirations with a sensitivity and consciousness that Jesus alone is his Master and the Bible alone is his constitution, covenant and traditional-customary law – over all other constitutions, bye-laws, covenants and customary laws.

3. Putting Zion as his highest joy – Above every human and worldly pleasures and joys, a Zo gentleman’s highest joy will always be Zion. And he will not let his heart roam away from Zion’s highway and will never forget in his individual and national journey, as an individual and as a member of a society-nation, his ultimate destiny is New Zion – the Eternal Jerusalem, a Homeland of Eternity not made or founded by human. And he will not strive for or dream of a homeland if that homeland is going to take him away from the Eternal Country.

4. Active in politics - A gentleman will be concern about the welfare of not only his lover and immediate kinsmen but also the overall life of his people and the journey and future of his land. Therefore, he will actively involve in politics. But he will not be purchasable. He will align his politics, voting power and powerful voice and opinion in tune with justice, compassion, truth, brotherhood, accountability, development and honesty.

A gentleman will not just think about being affiliated to a particular party of his choice or compulsion or ‘politics market rate’, but his affiliation will transcends dialect, local, regional and other human made self interest boundaries. His party will be a party of equality, truth, justice, compassion, freedom, godliness, kindred spirit and transparency. In other words, he will be ready at any time to dissociate himself with any party if they do not measure up to these principles. And he will give his moral, voting rights and freedom of speech and opinion to any individual or party which upholds these principles. A gentleman will support an individual or party’s manifesto if he finds it just and reaching out for all; at the same time he will have the liberty to dissociate himself without any obligations to an individual or party if they are found against the interest of God’s kingdom and the interest of the public and future of the land. Not only dissociating, he will voice a concern against it without any indebtedness. A gentleman belongs to all and do not belong to anyone but only to Jesus.

5. Singing and dancing in a strange time - Managing well one’s thought, response and life in difficult and trying circumstances and never let him sink down knowing that this too will pass under God’s watchful and loving sovereign-eyes is all about a true gentlemanship. Therefore, he will be able to sing and dance in a strange and uncertain individual, social-national, economic and political circumstances. He can be still a gentleman even in the midst of great trials and strange times because he knows precisely that God is sovereign and that He is also the God of strange time! He knows deep down, even in strange times, God wants him to still remain a gentleman. Therefore, a gentleman will be able to sing and dance while his life and heart cry tears or his surroundings and national journey are covered by misty and tempestuous winds.

6. Never letting big achievement make him proud and arrogant – The Scriptures says, “God is the giver of all good gifts in life”. Knowing that God is the one who let it happened what is happening in our lives, a gentleman will not boast or be puff up by big and great success. Instead, with a humble heart he will thank God in his heart of heart and those around him - for they are the ones too who contributed to his life in many big and little ways then he will ever realize.

7. Once a while weeping for his people and land - One of the many signs of being a Zo gentleman is that once a while he will weep for his people and land and intercedes on its behalf if these are not in good state. His heart will bleed for his people and his mind will go out for the future of his land for God in his pleasure and mercy let them be together. His knows deep down that his welfare lies in the welfare of his people and land and vice versa. He considers his people, land and his self are as one entity.

8. A watchman - A gentleman is a watchman. He is the sentry for God. He is the seen and walking guardian of his land. He will not keep silent nor will he remain with his arms fold or legs resting – shooting up towards the sky in a rocking chair when the land needs him and his people cry a clarion call. He will raise his hands and voice. His eyes will not slumber in the dark nor will his legs rest in the day. He will be a prophetic voice to the individual and national life of his people.

9. Standing alone but not single - A gentleman will not be afraid to stand alone for the welfare of his people and for the cause of truth, justice and compassion. Even if the crowd and his kinsmen are not with him, he will stand alone amongst the multitudes. But he will not be single. He may stand alone, but not single for God is with him.

10. Carrying out his historical calling - A gentleman will be sensitive and conscious of the hour and context of his time. He will be aware of the needs and happenings of his history. He will be informed with the social, spiritual, economic, political, psychological, cultural and moral needs of his time. He will perceive the hurdles and challenges of his period. And he will not just sigh away from it like a coward or irresponsibly. He will with a firm determination and godly sanctioned, with others like him – in togetherness, will respond to the call of his time and go forward to meet those, knowing with the certainty that Emmanuel God will be with them.

11. A man for others - A gentleman will not only live for himself nor will he seeks only for his highest good. He will reach out beyond himself. He will be a man for others [Bonhoeffer] and his people.

12. Allowing a woman to make him cry - A gentleman will be brave, loving, sensitive and honest enough to give room for, at least once, a woman to make him cry or sad.

13. Sad now and happy next A gentleman can be just a moment ago be sad and the next moment can be happy. This is a reminder that a gentleman is also a boy, a humane-boy. It is an evidence that he is a gentleman. But a true gentleman will not let sudden moods control his life or chart his destiny.

14. Loving, enjoying and promoting arts - Good and fine arts are God’s gift. Therefore a gentleman will not hesitate in loving, enjoying and promoting it. Once a while, a gentleman will take special time out with his love, friends and close ones to experience God’s wonderful gift of arts to humankind.

15. Pay tithe and tax regularly and protect public property - A gentleman will pay his tithe and tax regularly. Tithe because God – his Creator, demands from him! Moreover, everything that he has is from the Lord’s. And tax, because the government is for him and he is for the government. Both exist for each other’s welfare. Only with those ungentlemanly manner and lifestyle will destroy public property. Ungentlemanly, because public property is everyone’s heritage. A gentleman knows, other than our spiritual inheritance, there is no heritage more sacred and precious than public-national property!

16. Winning his woman with honor, integrity and love – [This is strictly for the still single gentleman] Just imagine winning his partner for life to be with devious ways! What a hell of a kind their life will be? Just imagine letting her heart beats for him at the expense of her dishonoring him and he dishonoring her. Or preparing life together in the absence of true love! Life with his woman minus honor, integrity and love will be the greatest joke-experience of his life time. A gentleman can and will win the lady-woman of his dream (God’s dream lady for him) with honor, integrity and love. If already married, a gentleman will always remain true and loving to the promised-lady of his life. He will prove again and again that she is the most special person for him in the world and that no one nor time will ever replace that position. And he will show it in his life – in words and deeds, day after day.

17. Always carrying the Zo spirit - A gentleman will always carry the Zo spirit with him wherever he goes, no matter the signs of the times or the contexts of the situations or his location. He will live with the spirit and ethos of his great ancestors – the welfare of one is the welfare of all and the welfare of all is the welfare of one! And tlawmngaihnachhak and kindred spirit in his heart will never ever die as long as he leads his life among the land of mortals.

18. Giving and helping out in mission - A gentleman’s heart will also reach out to the nations where the Lord’s name is not pronounced. He will give. He will pray. And he will send or go. He will also reach out to the mission work not only in far off lands but also in the neighborhood and in his own land – for that is one of the purpose of his life.

19. Saving - A gentleman will save money for the future. He is not a man only of the present. He sees ahead and thinks, pray and plan judiciously. He will not save unless he also gave out for mission and the needy around him simultaneously. With the little or big amount to save, he will invest for the future of his family. He invest in the future because he believes that life consist not only in the present and things we see or touch.

20. Remain in gratitude and Protect the elderly - There is nothing gentle or gentlemanly about being rude or ingratitude to the elderly in our midst. What a gentleman he is will be determine by the way how he treat his father, mother, grandpas, grannies and the elderly in our church, neighborhood, streets and society. How many men are gentleman we have in the society will be determine by the way the elderly are given their pension salary, schemes every now and then for their benefits, welfare measures and policies for them, etc. In all these the attitudes of the government, which in turn is the exact attitude of the living children of the elderly of its time, will be displayed in public like a public mirror. If he is a gentleman, he will remain everlastingly indebted to the elderly and live out a life like that by caring for their welfare and benefits and protect them always in gratitude and love.

21. Have one song or poem in his lifetime – A gentleman will have at least one song or a poem of his own in his life time - may be known or unknown by others. He will sing a song or say a poem in his heart about the woman of his life, the land of his birth and upbringing, the wonderful and lovely people surrounding him, the nature and animals and the One who creates and sustains him.

22. A gentleman will protect his lady - One great, outstanding and peculiar mark of a gentleman is evidence in the ways he treat his lady. He will honor her and love her with all his heart, mind and body. Equally important, he will also honor her chastity and purity of her physical body. Since he is the gentlemen of his lady, he will protect her physical body against his carnal desire till the marriage vows are pronounce in the presence of the saints and the priest. And in his life long, he will honor, cherish, love and protect his lady no matter what, why, how, when or where (WWHWW)!

23. Honoring fellow humans - True greatness lies in not only in serving but also honoring, loving and treating at equal level, degree and measures those fellows-others who cannot repay him in any kind, deeds or fiscal. A gentleman will live and walk his mundane life with the philosophy that it is better to treat each other as human and equal fellow in life and spend the rest of eternity in hell than to treat one another as animals or machines on earth and holding hands and dancing together in eternity’s heaven.

24. Men of peace and reconciliation - A man will never be a gentleman unless he can reconcile and be at peace with his immediate kinsmen and kinswomen and distant folks, the family members of this world. A gentleman will have the wisdom, spirituality, courage and humility to go an extra mile to be at peace with others at his own expense and image. He will also have the meekness, prudent and bravery to take a hundred steps backward to be in understanding with others and also that a broken relationship or world can be reconcile.

25. No to drugs – A gentleman will not authorize drugs to rule his life. He is strong and brave enough to say no to drugs and its allurement. He will have the guts to object to a friend’s invitation to take drugs. He is the master (under God) of his own body, not drugs or his circle of friends.

26. Cause-priority-gentleman - Even when those around him gave up or sacrificed the cause and the priority of their mission and objectives on various grounds and agendas, a gentleman will again and again, in the middle of the road’s journey, align his self interest, objectives and methods in accordance with the cause for which he first venture out. For him the cause, the mission and the vision are supreme and he will not let anything or anyone sabotage that subject and object. He will not let the cause be sacrifice at the altar of personal ego, wounds, selfish ambitions, dark and disappointing past, present difficulty or uncertain future. On the other hand, he will sacrifice his self’s for the cause. A gentleman is a cause-priority man.

27. Care the widows and orphans - A gentleman knows deep down that there is nothing greatness in looking down widows and orphans. Instead, he is sure about one thing – true greatness and gentleman spirit comes from loving greatly, caring unlimitedly and protecting unreservedly those who cannot care or defend themselves in the land. A gentleman is no gentleman until and unless his words, heart and hands go out for the widows, orphans and weak in the land. In the midst of globalization he will stand as a pillar of hope and strength for the defenseless.

28. Good and hospitable to strangers - A gentleman will welcome strangers in his village, hometown and land. He will be hospitable and good to strangers even at times at the expense of his security and comfort, knowing he himself is stranger in this world!

29. If he love and care, a gentleman will show it in words and actions - There is no excuse for inefficiency in words or actions for a gentleman. If he really love and care someone, his folks and land, he will express in human words and language and show it in humanly actions! There is no alternative way or style to proof it. A gentleman will not fail in demonstrating it.

30. Mark of civility – A gentleman will accept praise with humility and grace. That will be an expression of his civility and his mark of being a gentleman.

31. Praise and appreciate others often – A gentleman will praise and appreciate others often. For him that’s a courteous and normal thing to do in life. He understands that a man is not a gentleman unless he learns the graceful art of praising and appreciating those around and far off from him. He also believes a man is also a gentleman if he let people around feels that they are special.

32. Accept past mistakes and its consequences boldly and humbly – A gentleman will not run away from the consequences of his past political mistakes, wrong individual or socio-economic decisions or sins or ignorance he committed. He will not try to cover it up nor be so enthusiastic to proclaim on the roof top of the world. He will not even try to blame it on others. Instead, accept it responsibly, repentantly, bravely and humbly. For him that’s the way of a gentleman. He knows the scars and wounds will remain. But he will not let it be a sore or painful memory that will bring misery in his life but serve as a gentle or faithful reminder that one must not walk upon the same road twice or made the same mistakes over and again. He will let his past individual and corporate history bring wisdom, humility and strength for his present and future decision, lifestyle and journey.

33. Not competing but working out his place in life - Healthy competition is good at times but as a gentleman, he will not over do it. A gentleman knows he is not in this world to compete but on the other hand to work out and fulfill his place and purpose in life and in this world. He believes if he missed this, he is missing everything - and there is nothing gentlemanly about missing everything! Nothing is gentlemanly in missing one’s life purpose! He is convinced that a gentleman has a place and purpose in this one time life. If he finds that out and works towards it and fulfills the purpose of his existence and breathing, he knows most blessed is he among the entire gentlemen world.

34. Dreaming God’s dream for his people and the nations falling under the three thin red lines and beyond – A gentleman will dream God’s dream for his people and the nations falling under the three thin red lines (India, Myanmar & Bangladesh) and beyond.

35. Standard and boundary to maintain: A gentleman will tune his daily life according to the standards of God, the giver and maker of his life – past, present and future. He will move, live, work and enjoy within the boundaries set before him by God for he knows enjoying freedom within a God-given boundary and finding contentment in that is the most beautiful and sublime thing.

36. Travel the path no one ever walks – A gentleman will dare to travel the path that no one ever walks before. He will set a trend and a way that others can follow and walk. If not, he will have the humility and wisdom to obediently follow others’ footsteps.

37. Team player and follower – A gentleman is a team player in the circle of kinship and life; he will strive and put extra efforts to walk and work together with his folks. He knows common and community life does not consist in the efforts of solo life or wisdom of single head but in cooperation, coordination and corporation of hearts, heads and hands. When the need arises, it will again and again, he will be a good follower – of leaders above, younger or older; he will be a man of following – following those in authority, for he knows surely that God made those in positions and authorities to be so under Him!

38. Learn to appreciate woman as woman and compliment them from time to time - A gentleman will be able to let the women around him realize that they have a place and a role in the street, society, church, country and the world. Appreciating and complimenting them (sometimes, not always!) for being a woman and as he being a man is one peculiar trait of a nice gentleman. Nothing more, nothing less!

39. Praise his mother and father while they are alive – A gentleman knows there is nothing too glorious about praising ones mother and father after they are gone and no longer in a position to smile back at ones sweet thoughts and nice deeds. A gentleman will make his mother and father feel they are a real mother and father to him by his kind words and sweet actions while they are alive. He will not let his parents cry or weep because of him but will let his father and mother cry and lean, when they need to, upon his shoulder and make them feel proud that they have not only a son in him but also a gentleman.

40. If his parents are already dead he remains in life in gratitude of them - Even if they may not measure up to be the model kind of parents, a gentleman will remain ever grateful to his mother and father all his life because they give him the best earthly gift – life! No matter, whatever state his is now or in whatever circumstances they brought him into this world, he will just remain grateful to God and to his parents and be proud of them. The reason - God gave them ‘he’ as their son and ‘them’ as his parents. Even eternity will not change that God-order!

41. Praying and doing godly good for his people and land - A gentleman love his people and homeland. So he will seek their welfare and serve his homeland in godly ways. He will pray to God for the present and future world of his people and land, for He knows God is the one who causes all things and that He is the Sovereign Lord and Ruler of ethnic groups and homelands. He will work for the unity and solidarity of his folks - for it is the will of God and an ordination of heaven for a family to stay and walk unitedly and in one accord; a gentleman will contribute to this God-ordained order. He will have a kindred spirit and will dare to show it in his speech and life.

42. Seeking first the kingdom of God - A gentleman seeks first the kingdom of God above kinship, [for still single, his dream lady], career, ambitions and homeland obligations for he knows deep down in his heart of heart that if he loves these more than he love God, he will destroy everything he loves, cherishes and all other things which are important and dear to him. He knows seeking God first is the foundation of all good things on earth and the door to unlock the miracles and blessings of heaven. Because of the concern and welfare for his family, loved ones, kindred and land, a gentleman will seek the goodness and favor of the Lord God. For in God, and only in God alone, are true and lasting foundation for a family and nation. He knows in God alone lies the journey and destiny of his folks and land. He knows with a sure knowledge that Jesus alone is the True Shepherd for a family-national journey. He believes, “In God We Stand!”

43. Worker of generational responsibility – A gentleman knows that every generation, in any given period of time in history, individually and collectively, has a God-given-task and responsibilities and that God and the history of their time expect them to accomplish those. He knows in the history of humankind and the plan of God in the time scale of eternity’s purpose, he can never overlook the fact that every generation has a unique call upon the individuals and the collective individuals who formed the cluster of one solid society-nation or nations to response to a generational responsibility. He knows it is a call to collectively and individually give and invest their time, energy, gifts and all resources in responding to the particular need of their generation which they cannot ignore or refuse under any circumstances. A gentleman will be a willing and dedicated worker of generational responsibility even if he has to sacrifice much, for he knows failing in this will mean failing in his living as a responsible, loyal and trustworthy kinsman-citizen and member of his time and child of God. The consequences, he knows, can be seen rebounding in his own generation, to the individuals and collective life, and passing on to the generation or generations to come after him. He also knows the blessedness of serving and working out his generational responsibility – individually and corporately – the fruits will be harvest and reap. Hence, a gentleman will know his generational responsibilities and commit himself to that by being recruited as a worker of generational responsibility!

44. Sometimes seeking and accepting help from others - There is nothing more humbling than accepting, seeking or receiving help from others. To stay humble, sometimes a gentleman will seek others advice or receive succor with a smile. This will help him in the long run to remain a gentleman.

45. A realization that without Christ there is no meaning – A gentleman perceives that without Jesus Christ there is no meaning and real future even if the flag of our family-nation is flying high and mighty over our highland. He also realized that without Jesus there is no real meaning in a life of unity or success. Ergo he embraces Jesus and then finds more and truer meaning in our flags flying high and in our striving for deeper, higher and stronger unity. He knows in God we live and move and have our beings [Bible] and also only the love of Christ can really binds us lifelong in our brotherhood-sisterhood aspiration.

46. Worker of development and politics which is just – A Gentleman will strive for an all round justice and progress for he knows development without justice is no development at all. He knows prosperity of just one section of the clan is no prosperity at all – at best it is selfishness and corruption. He knows the progress of only one region or locality is inequality and that will not lead to growth, peace and unity. He knows the well being of an individual at the expense of another is an evil. He knows that iniquitous economic distribution in the land and unequal political power sharing in politics is an abomination in the sight of the Lord. He knows no one has the right to drain the commonwealth for his personal benefits. He knows no one has the right to economic security at the economic insecurity of his folks and neighbors. He knows no one has the right to pleasure at the sufferings and pains of others. So, he will be a worker and promoter of development and politics which is just; and justice will be his cause!

47. Standing against workers of disunity – A gentleman will stand up against the workers of disunity and our brotherhood. His enemies will be those forces that stand in opposition to the solidarity of his people, led by Satan. He knows in oneness of hearts and minds and lives, we will reap our earthly inheritance and eternal treasure. He also knows that God want us to be united in our emotional, physical and spiritual lives and any one who is trying to sow the seeds of discords and disunity amongst us will be like Edom in the hands of Yahweh. He is sure God will certainly judge those who obstruct our family-national walk and journey towards a closer, deeper, higher, stronger and truer unity.

48. Worker of unity – A gentleman will be a worker of unity. He is convinced no groups, individuals, agencies, states or State or world bodies has the right to legislate the separation of a family who wants to be together or maintain the status quo of a separated family; nor anyone has the right – moral, ethnic, cultural, constitutional, intellectual, inheritance, historical, spiritual and psychological rights – to obstruct a family who wants to live, learn, play, pray, work, walk, sing and stay united and together! He knows under heaven no one has the right or obligation to prevent a family to dine together or hold hands together or sleep under the same roof or walk in the same street or visit each other!

49. Sometimes allowing children, nature, animals and natural law to speak to him - Some of the things that will keep a gentleman in his track are allowing children, nature, animals and natural laws to speak into his life. Therefore, he will listen to them.

50. Upholder of absolute truth – In the post modern age, when many people hold the view that there is no such thing as absolute truth and truths are only relative, a gentleman will uphold that there is an absolute truth for the Eternal Drumbeat of Heaven – the Bible, tells him so. When religious pluralism says that all roads leads to one god, he will say that it is not so – for he experiences in real life that every road he took in the past did not led him to the same village or town! When post modern intellectualism tells him that we all know only in parts, therefore no one knows the absolute truth. He will reply with a certainty that – “It is not him or his elders who tells about absolute truth; nor it is him who discovers or finds out about it. It is the Lord God himself who reveals himself to human, from the beginning of time which culminated in the person and work of Jesus Christ, recorded in the Holy Scriptures, telling us about absolute truth!” He is not like one of the blind man who touched the tail of the elephant and exclaimed he knows about elephant – “That an elephant is like a rope!” With his humanity there is no way he can tell. But the King-God has revealed that there is an absolute truth; that there is good and evil; that there is eternal life and eternal damnation; and that there is a narrow and a broadway – the narrow leads to life and the broad one leads to death. Therefore, a gentleman will be an upholder of the view that absolute truth truly exist.

51. His decision base on the belief that it is good and true – A gentleman will not be swept easily by the post-modernism’s philosophy that consensus is right or majority-public opinion is the truth. He will weigh everything carefully and be on the side of that is good and true – guided not by the corrupt conscience of human but by the revealed will of God, the Bible.

52. Walking silently - A gentleman will not brag, boast or show-off to impress someone’s mind or heart, get attention to win recognition or climb the ladder of life. Instead, he will walk silently, slowly and honorably for he knows deep down that deep rivers move with silent majesty while shallow brooks are noisy.

53. Defending his family and land from falsehood, selfishness and evil – A gentleman will defend his family, people and land from falsehood, evil and evildoers. He will rise up against falsehood, selfishness, evil and evildoers. Falsehood, for it is the enemy that blurs our conscience and dries our vision; selfishness, for it is the step-mother that destroys the welfare of all; evil, for it is the sins that easily entangle us; and evildoers, for they are the ones who dethrone Christ and enthrone Satan in the individuals and public life. He understands [T]he only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men [gentleman] to do nothing [Edmund Burke]. And the only thing necessary for good to triumph over evil is for gentleman to speak, act and stand together!

54. Grace and truth - A gentleman knows that in his stride for brotherhood and unity for his family that truth without grace (love and goodwill) will not bind us long; neither grace without truth will keep us walking and standing together for long! Therefore, in his daily stride, he will hold truth by his right hand and grace by his left hand.

55. Seeking the welfare of the nation in which he is now living: The word of God says: seek the welfare of the nation in which you are now living; for therein your welfare is also tied up. A gentleman will not react at sudden impulse and emotion. He will response to all individual, local, national and international circumstances with care and meticulous spirit. Therefore he will think in terms of the short and long term rewards or consequences of his every actions, decisions and resolutions regarding his relation and dealing with the others and the State – knowing and fully aware that all these will directly or indirectly lead to the welfare or calamity of the people and land that he so dearly love and cherish. Therefore, in his personal and kinsfolk’s interest (and God’s interest), he will seek the welfare of the nation in which he is now living and at the same time tries to understand the signs of the time by flying high and above – seeking the will and heart of God; and diving deep and below – understanding the ways and knowledge of human and the world.

56. Leaving behind a legacy of honor and pride – A gentleman, whether he raises his hands or puts it down, take a step forward or backward, speaks or silent will leave behind a legacy of honor and pride for his children, kindred and the next generations.

57. Lover of the fellowship of faith and flesh – A gentleman, when someone invited him to go together and join in fellowship those who are in the house of the Lord, his heart will be full of gladness and he will be willing to cross hundred mountains. Again, when he is invited to join in the fellowship of brotherhood in the assembly of fire, he will leap with joy and his legs will be ready to walk across hundred miles to make complete the circle of brotherhood. He will give equal importance to the fellowship of faith and flesh (3Fs) (brotherhood). So, a gentleman will be a lover of the fellowship of faith and flesh.

58. A man of peace – A gentleman will make peace with God for the sake of his folks, land and his self. For the sake of his near and dear ones, people and land he will say peace unto others. For the sake of peace within his walls, prosperity within his land and security across the vales and mountains, he will made peace with God, himself and the nations. For the sake of the children playing in our streets and those elderly at our homes, he will lift up high the banner of shalom. And for the sake of every women and his love, he will fly high the flag of peace. Because of the Family-Zo Nation and the Church he will seek the goodness of others [cf. Ps.122]. He will never let the flag of peace fly low in the land. Therefore, a gentleman will be a man of peace – a man of wisdom, goodwill, tolerance, foresight, and vision.

59. A life coded by tlawmngaihna - When working out tlawmngaihna or engaging in selfless service, a gentleman will work it out not to get applause or to curve out a good name for his self or win a selfish motive. He will reach out to those who are in need or lend a helping hand or voice a word of concern for the individual and society-nation’s welfare with a genuine concern and goodwill of love, devotion, truth and service. Above all else, he will work out his tlawmngaihna rooted in the love of Christ – for that is the surest foundation of tlawmngaihna, the ethos and code of Zo ethics. A gentleman tlawmngaihnachhak will be rooted in the love of Christ – no ‘pay back’ expectation! He knows other kinds of tlawmngaihna are at best, self-interest or at worst, evil. And he knows there is nothing gentlemanly about being selfish or evil. He remembers that one of the badges of gentlemanliness is tlawmngaihnachhak – being everything to his folks, all men and women at all times in the name of Jesus. [Note: For those who are very young at our ethos, Tlawmngaihna is the code of ethics that revolves around us, the Zo children. It is a selfless worship and following of God our Lord, Maker, Redeemer and Sustainer, a selfless witness in making Jesus Christ known to the nations, a selfless service and hospitality for the betterment of our present and future society-nation, a selfless endurance for the cause of encouragement, hope and restoration, a selfless service for the comforts of the bereaves, despair, fearful and lost, a selfless dedication and sacrifice for the welfare of our kinsmen and kinswomen, and a selfless reaching out in goodwill to and for those other fellow human beings on earth - loving even people living beyond our mountains who are not of our own flesh, looks and blood].

A closing thought

A gentleman will not let his passion, objectives, political-kinship-ecclesiastical affiliations and history control his life. He is lorded by truth, honor, grace, courage, sacrifice, accountability, forgiveness, oneness, justice, freedom, the Word of God, equality, sense of humor, the love and fear of God and tlawmngaihna. Such men are worthy to be a true gentleman. Therefore, if you come across such a man in our land, or happen to pass him by in one of our streets, call him a gentleman of God - a Zo gentleman! And with God’s Spirit help you can be that gentleman too – a gentleman after the Nazareth Gentleman’s heart!

 So, go and be a gentleman…!

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